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Delicious Pure Natural English Honey Direct From The Beekeeper

Look forward to some unique delicious natural British honey. Discover the finest quality pure natural locally produced honey from apiaries in the rural countryside and orchards of Essex. Affordable tasty Essex Honey as it exists in the hive and from a traceable English source. Cold filtered and non pasteurised. Buy from the online store and have your order sent or click and collect direct from the beekeeper.

Robert Clare Beekeeper standing in front of a wooden hand made local raw honey white sign. The sign is in the shape of a beehive.

Hello and welcome,
I am an old Essex beekeeper based in the North of Essex near Colchester working in partnership with the local honey bees producing tasty, delicious, healthy, natural, and pure Essex Honey. My honey bee families are located in apiaries in the countryside and orchards around Copford, Marks Tey and Colchester. The honey is cold filtered and non pasteurised. Cold straining the honey means that the original pollen is retained in the honey and straining is only done to remove pieces of honeycomb wax. Honey which is heated above 36C destroys the antioxidants, important enzymes, vitamins and other beneficial attributes of the honey. Heating also affects the natural aroma and flavour of the honey. I practice sustainable beekeeping as far as possible. My bees are locally adapted and I raise my own queens for my colonies.

Robert Clare Beekeeper 07864 719526 (text or call)

Please Note I am not collecting swarms this year. If you are sure you have a honey bee swarm contact Colchester Beekeepers www.colchesterbeekeepers.org.uk there is information on the website under SWARMS and a telephone number to contact someone who may be able to help you.

Jar of Summer Borage Honey.
Summer runny honey
340g Jar £7.00
Spring and Summer Honey Jars.
Spring and Summer Combo
340g 2 Jars £14.00
Jar of Essex Spring Blossom Honey.
Spring Blossom Soft Set
340g Jar £7.00
Jar of Essex spring blossom honey.
Spring Blossom Honey
340g Jar £7.00

In June's warm glow, where flowers bloom,
Honeybees hum, dispelling gloom.
With wings of gossamer, they take to the air,
A dance of life, beyond compare.

Through fields of gold and meadows green,
In the bright sun’s light, their forms are seen.
From dawn’s first light to twilight’s fall,
They forage and gather, one and all.

Among the roses and lavender sweet,
They sip the nectar, nature’s treat.
Pollen dusted, they carry away,
Building a treasure, day by day.

In hives of warmth, their work unfolds,
Crafting honey, liquid gold.
With unity and tireless care,
They weave a bounty, rich and rare.

June’s days are long, the flowers abound,
And bees make magic, all around.
So let us honour their diligent flight,
In the golden hours of June’s pure light.

For in their buzz and ceaseless quest,
Lies nature’s rhythm, at its best.
Bees in June, a wondrous sight,
Crafting sweetness, day and night.

honey bees leaving a hive entrance.

Let's Go ! Essex-Honey worker honey bees leaving the hive to forage for nectar and pollen

Best honey I have ever tasted. And I've tasted a lot. Robert's bees, every one of them, are the best!

Trevor Landsdown (from West Bergholt Essex UK)

Hay Fever

Many of my customers have said that using pure local natural honey throughout the year on a regular basis has helped their hay fever symptoms during the allergy season. Try some and see if it helps.

Bocking Windmill Essex and yellow Oil seed rape field honey
Oil Seed Rape Field Copford Essex Raw honey


Some of the bees I manage are helping to pollinate local fruit growers trees. Pears, apples and cherries being the main varieties. The hives are sited within the orchards ready for spring time blossoms. Everybody benefits.

ripe plums on branch Honey Essex
Red Apples

Bee Friendly

Please plant bee friendly plants in your garden. Early spring flowering plants such as crocus and snowdrops provide early pollen source for the bees. Dandelions are a great resource for bees please leave a patch for them to grow on your lawn. Thanks.

Queen Bee on Comb Essex Honey bees beekeeping
Snowdrops in woods Essex Honey
Worker honey bee on Ivy Flower.

Essex honey worker bee (Trudy) foraging on Ivy flower during the autumn

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