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Essex Honey Pure English local raw honey

E S S E X - H O N E Y

Essex local raw honey direct from the Beekeeper


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Delicious English raw honey from Essex. Finest 100% pure raw locally produced honey from apiaries in the countryside and orchards of Essex. A true taste of Essex. Real raw honey as it should naturally be direct from healthy British bees born and raised in Essex.

Delicious Multi Floral Essex Honey
A big hello and welcome !
I am a Essex beekeeper based in the North of Essex near Colchester in the UK producing raw honey. My hives are located in apiaries in the countryside and orchards around Copford and Marks Tey. During the spring and summer of 2019 the bees have produced perfect honey as usual. Honey is available in 1lb 454 g in reusable / recyclable tamper proof pots @ £5.65 each. Glass 1lb jars are available if you collect. The honey is raw, unheated and cold filtered. Cold filtering the honey means that the original pollen is retained in the honey and filtering is only done to remove pieces of honeycomb wax. Honey which is heated above 45C destroys the antioxidants, important enzymes, vitamins and other beneficial attributes of the honey. Heating also affects the the natural aroma and flavour of the honey. My honey is NOT heated. If you are interested in purchasing some please contact me. You can collect the raw honey from me in Copford, Colchester, Essex CO6 1BX. Free local delivery can be arranged for larger orders. You can buy online now using the secure shopping cart. If you would like to order and pay over the telephone this is available also. Delivery to your door including postage and packing for one or two containers is £4.00 and the raw honey will be sent by Royal Mail or other courier depending on weight of your order. You can buy more than two if you wish. This is the place to buy the best value English raw honey locally. All postage or courier charges are calculated by weight of order. As with all honey it is unsuitable for children under the age of one year.

Thank you for visiting,

Robert Clare Beekeeper

Telephone Number: 07864 719526
Delicious Borage Raw Essex Honey in Pot
 Delicious Multi Floral honey in 12oz Jars from

The benefits of eating raw honey for your health and well being

Close up of lid on a jar of Essex Raw Honey
Raw Honey is often referred to as “liquid gold” due to its highly therapeutic antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-aging and anticancer properties. Raw honey provides far more benefits than regular honey as it is full of active enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are vital for keeping the body health and for preventing illness and disease. Raw honey contains vitamins such as B-complex and Vitamin C as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Raw honey has the power to strengthen the immune system, promote digestive health, reduce throat irritation, stabilize blood pressure, calm nerves, relieve morning sickness, balance blood sugar, heal ulcers, purify the blood, fight off colds and flu, soothe sore throats and laryngitis, and flush the kidneys. Raw honey is also great for digestion as it contains probiotics that help to keep the beneficial bacteria in the gut healthy and strong. Raw honey also functions as a expectorant and is known to benefit respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma. Raw honey promotes restorative sleep and can aid in healing and rebuilding the body during the night. Raw Honey is hygroscopic, which means it draws all the moisture out of germs which ultimately kills them. This is why raw honey is an excellent first aid cream and can be applied externally, like a natural neosporin, to cuts, abrasions, rashes, and sores to keep the wounds sterile and quicken the healing process. Consider adding a teaspoon of raw honey to your lemon water and/or herbal tea everyday. It’s provides instant energy and great health benefits which can give you a much needed boost to your daily health routine.
Beehives in Apiary in Essex
 Beautiful Borage crop fields in Essex

Copford Essex fields of Borage Vipers Blugoss Summer 2017

Oil Seed Rape Crop Field www.essex

Oil seed rape fields Copford Essex Springtime 2019

Mass of Ivy flowers in Autumn
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Bees foraging on Crocus flowers - Image © Robert Clare 2018 All rights reserved - - Raw English honey direct from the beekeeper. Buy your raw honey from a local beekeeper