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E S S E X - H O N E Y

Discover Essex local honey direct from the Beekeeper

Benefits of lighting pure beeswax candles

Para-therapeutic and relaxing attributes of beeswax candles have been known for hundreds of years. They used to be used for liturgical rites and also for providing light to rich households.

They have an original and attractive look; they burn smokeless whilst producing a soft, gentle scent of honey and propolis, they also work as negative ionisers.

They eliminate electromagnetic radiation caused by electrical appliances and neutralize cigarette smoke.

Beeswax, the material the candles are made of is obtained from old wax and debris that are left out during the frame uncapping during honey extraction.

After melting and filtering it can be refined by adding various essential or fragrance oils, although it is not necessary.

My beeswax is not imported but produced by my bees here in Essex UK